Whether it is moving to a new house, a family member's home or an assisted living community, you need to complete numerous tasks when transitioning to a different living space. Working with a company that specializes in moving older citizens can make the process go more smoothly. When deciding which option to choose, consider these three services provided by transportation companies that focus on the retirement population. 

 1. Assist With Packing

From market reports to facility reviews, you spend days of research finding your perfect home; therefore, the less work required to settle into your new residence, the better. Professional movers can save you many hours by wrapping and boxing your belongings. 

Some companies provide packing supplies; however, you may save money if you purchase them separately. To help streamline the process, simply label or color-code boxes ahead of time and write down which items need to go where in your new living quarters. 


2. Provide Professional Recommendations

You will need other professional services to get settled into a new home. Since movers help people transition to different dwellings every day, they are a valuable resource for finding other reliable companies. 

For example, if you decide to purchase an existing home, it is wise to re-key locks to eliminate the risk of others gaining access to your house. Your Real Estate Agent or movers probably have some good recommendations for local locksmiths. Get their feedback or search a site like Angi for locksmiths in your area and research the suggestions to determine ratings and see comments from previous customers.

While it can vary, the average cost of re-keying a door is $50-$150, so get an idea of the price charged by each business. They may even offer specials for new customers. Just be sure to hire a company that is insured, bonded and provides a warranty in case something does not work.

Another great example is storage units. Since many older individuals choose to downsize, you may have items you do not want to part with that won't fit in your new home. Your Real Estate Agent can have coupons for places like PODS and  the movers may have some excellent storage center recommendations to keep your belongings safe. Some moving companies even offer their own storage facility, which saves you the time of finding and dealing with a separate business. 


3. Break Down and Reassemble Heavy Furniture 

According to one report, 33% of people hire professionals when moving. Although reasons vary, one advantage is assistance with furniture. Breaking down and rebuilding furniture can be difficult at any age, but it is especially challenging if you have any physical limitations.

Taking apart and putting together bed frames, desks or tables is also time-consuming. If you need to move a heavy piece of furniture from or to an upper floor, you need a second person to help. This limits what you can get done if you live alone. 

Save yourself these headaches by hiring a moving company that specializes in the older generation. These companies take all those tedious jobs off your plate by tearing down the furniture, wrapping the pieces, moving them to the truck, securing them, driving them to your new home, moving them to the right spot and rebuilding the furniture so it is completely ready to use. 

If you are mature in years and switching to a new residence, hire a professional moving company that focuses on older individuals to enjoy these advantages during your move. The right company provides packing assistance, business referrals and help getting heavy furniture safely set up in your new home.

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Blog courtesy of  Michael Longsdon