Дом в Швеции | Drömhus, Vackra bostäder, Modernt
Well lets get the party started. You may want to think about these reasons for contacting us today. The winter marketplace is ready & waiting for your home. Soooooo here are some good reasons:
1) Interest rates are at an ALL time low which creates more affordability bringing more potential purchasers to your home.
2) Serious buyers have fewer homes to select during this current marketplace, so therefore your home has less competition.
3) Less competition means potentially more return on your investment with a potentially higher sales price.
4) Buyers are also working from home more than ever before, so they have more time & additional flexibility to search for homes.
5) Take advantage of selling now for a higher purchase price, and celebrate the holidays with an anticipating closing early next year.
6) 2021 is presenting a new opportunity for a renewed job force in addition to employees being transferred and they'll be looking for their NEXT home now.
7) Take advantage of the upcoming 2021 spring marketplace by selling your home now. You'll be positioned more attractively for the potential sellers new to the marketplace in the next few months.
8) Some purchasers really need to buy before the end of the year in order for them to take advantage of the current tax laws.
9) Inventory is currently low thereby allowing you to reap the rewards before the marketplace gets flooded with homes for sale.
10) Curb appeal for your home is high during the festive holiday season.
We are here for you! Contact us today and lets get started immediately.
Authored by: Richard Rivero