With all the talk about the Coronavirus Pandemic, I have some concerns. Information currently being disseminated from the federal government seems to be telling us that the majority of Americans affected will recover without any adverse effects. Things will be similar to typical seasonal illnesses. Also, our children do not seem to be affected. According to the experts, the highest risks posed by Covid 19 are among the elderly in our population as well as those with other underlying health issues. So, if there is a very high chance we will survive even if we get infected and understanding the proverbial "an ounce of prevention is with a pound of cure", why the necessity of government to shut down schools, cancelling sports, concerts, all types of events, even travel out of your own state for some people? Make no mistake I also understand the absolute need to slow the spread down and realize that it is a balancing act to achieve that desired result. Is it plausible or even very likely that the government knows something which they don't want to share with the public. The general public is already in a panic about this and by giving the "real dope" on the situation, could really end in mass hysteria. If what they are telling us is true, how about other potential endeavors like closing all Senior Citizen centers, prohibiting all visits for 2 weeks? How about they close the doors of all the old age homes to keep everyone safe? I would be happy to not visit my elderly parent in a nursing home if that meant life or death to them, wouldn't you? So why are they doing what they are doing? I would really like to know that answer, but that may never be acceptably explained. So stay safe everyone!
They tell you to wash your hands and wash your hands while singing "Happy Birthday", in addition to that, make sure you cup your hands as you are washing so that you are cleaning underneath your fingernails, make sure you rub in between your fingers to clean those areas. Just rubbing the outside of your hands for 30 minutes will not clean as well as 20 seconds of correct cleaning. With the hand sanitizer seemingly sprouting wings and flying off the shelf, know that it is easy to make a satisfactory sanitizer yourself. All you need is 2/3 cups of Rubbing Alcohol (91% or higher) and 1/3 cup of Aloe Vera gel. Remember to do the elbow bump and keep you distance as best you can. Also, drink as much as you can and keep hydrated as one of your first defenses are the moist folicles in your nose. Keep yourself, clean and healthy and we will have a happy Coronavirus-free Summer!
- As for me, I will just stay hydrated with lots of Corona!