So...  I had a settlement today and it was a wonderful transaction.  Buyers and sellers were both happy and enjoyed the entire transaction.  While we were there, a discussion started about what is more prevalent in the world, wheels vs doors.  I was then surprised to find this was a dilemma disscussed by todays youth; My vote was for doors as most vechicles that have four wheels also have four doors and every home has multiple doors in each house, but no wheels, but the buyer pointed out that every "system" could also contain wheels to operation (for eg. a clock).  This made me ponder a little too much, so not sure what to do to solve this problem... I asked AI...this is what CHATGPT computer" has to say....

"While I don't have access to real-time data, I can make an educated guess based on common knowledge. It's likely that doors are more prevalent in the world compared to wheels. Doors are found in virtually every building, structure, and vehicle, including homes, offices, factories, cars, airplanes, and more. They serve essential purposes for access, security, and privacy.


Wheels, on the other hand, are found in a wide range of vehicles and machinery, but they might not be as universally present as doors. While there are many vehicles on the roads and various forms of machinery that use wheels, not every object or structure requires wheels.


Remember, this is a general estimate and might not be accurate in every specific context. The prevalence of doors and wheels can vary greatly depending on the specific area or industry you're considering."


SO, for those of you that are still debating this issue, I am on the the "Door" side!