What better way to work is there than to work from the comfort of your own home? You can do just that by turning your great idea into a small business that you can run right out of your house. Consider this guide to help you form your business and let Debbi and Richard Rivero help you find and move into the perfect home without missing a step.



Step 1: Form an Idea and a Business Plan

Every small business starts with an idea. Maybe you have writing skills that you could turn into a successful freelancing business. Perhaps you have a love of artistic expression and want to set up a space where you can create and sell pieces from your home. E-commerce is a great way to get your products on the market. One study shows that E-commerce sales have been steadily increasing every year.


Once you have your idea, you can start forming a business plan. The basics of a well-formed business plan are:

        An executive summary 

        A description of your company and products

        Your business goals

        Market information

        Information on your business financials


Once you have this in writing, you can start the process of registering your business. 


Step 2: Make It Legal

Once you create a business name and register your LLC, you are official. Before you commit to a name, you'll have to make sure it is available. Check online to make sure no one else has registered that name. Then search for the website domain to ensure that it isn't taken as well. You'll need a tax ID number and a business bank account so that you can start purchasing the items that you need to make your business take off. 


Step 3: Find the Right Home

Before you can set up your office space, you need to find the home that will suit your personal life and your business. Location is the most important element. Some areas will not allow you to register a business at your address. If you fall in love with a beautiful home in a neighborhood with an HOA, ask if you can establish a business there before you think about purchasing. Check the local zoning laws for any other restrictions as well.  Start searching that home here.


Step 4: Set Up a Home Office

Once you find your dream home, you can begin setting up your home office. Find a space in the home that is quiet and separate from everything else. This helps you mentally separate your personal life from your business, which is a great way to stop yourself from overworking. Consider a garage remodel or even setting up a small shed-like building in the backyard.


Step 5: Start Marketing

Most small businesses begin by marketing themselves, and your most valuable marketing tool is your website. Your page should have all the information about your website readily at first glance. Consider hiring a graphic designer to create a simple infographic that will catch a visitor's eye, though this can be costly. 


For a more affordable option, make an infographic in minutes using an online tool. You can access free customizable templates online to help you build your website. You use the colors and imagery from your logo on the website to create a cohesive brand. Make sure your site is connected to a strong server so that customers can access everything quickly and reliably.


Starting a business and moving into a new home at the same time doesn't have to be scary. When you're settled in your forever home and your business is thriving, you'll realize it was all worth it. Maintain your dedication, and you'll be successful.


Image via Pexels

Blog by: Claire Wentz