So, you finally found your dream home!  This is when the stress really begins to build.  The lender will constantly "nag" you for more and more documents along the way, you have to do inspections, find title companies, moving companies, insurance company, just so much to do, and you then are hit with the overwhelming pile of stuff that you have in your house that now has to get into the new place.  If you are selling your home and moving to a new home, that just exasperates the situation. 

Where do you start?  Well, let's start with some supplies.  First, you should have packing supplies.  Always try to get free boxes, and the egg boxes are certainly a great choice!  Also know that you might need a variety of boxes in size and sturdiness for your all your things. It may be a good idea to invest in some wardrobe boxes as well.  According to Google, here’s a quick look at the approximate number of boxes you’ll need for different-sized moves.


Moving Boxes Needed by Home SqFt
Home Size/SqFt Small Large
700 SqFt 12 4
700-900 SqFt 15 6
900-1200 SqFt 21 10
1200-1600 SqFt 30 15

You can certainly use this as a guide.  Of course, if you house is 2400 sq ft, you would need 60 small boxes and 30 large and just keep estimating for the size of your current home.  Keep in mind, however, this can vary depending on whether you have fully utilized your sq footage or if you are more of a minimalist, but this is a good starting point. 

You will also need other items to help you pack.  Do you have picture frames, drinking glasses, dishes, or anything else fragile?  You will want to make sure they are wrapped and protected.  You can certainly purchase packing paper and bubble wrap, or start by saving any bubble wrap from items you purchase, use newspaper, mailer sheet, or other junk mail that might help.  You can also use clothes, sheets, towels etc. too.  You will need to bring your tee shirts, towels, sheets, etc. anyway, so why not use them to protect your breakables?                                                       

Now that your items are protected, you will also need packing tape or any type of tape to secure your boxes as well as a marker to identify items in your boxes.  It is also a great idea to write the room in which each box should go.  This aids anyone helping you move to place boxes exactly where they need to go.

Another great idea is using a portable moving/storage company like  you can order a Pod ahead of time to sit in front of your house and load it up when you have time and then they can pick it up and relocate it to your new home for you to unload.  

If you are selling and need to declutter, before you put your house on the market, PODS can help there too! 

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Courtesy of Debbi & Rich Rivero and the RE/MAX family!