How to Make Your Home a Wellness Haven Without Breaking the Bank


Even with the pandemic winding down, it’s still essential that we do all we can to make our homes a wellness haven. Luckily, there are several ways to increase the health of your living space without breaking the bank. Today, Rivero Realtors is here to guide you through the process.


Declutter Your Home

Excessive clutter in any room makes it hard to clean the space effectively to get rid of germs and bacteria. It also affects your mental health by overstimulating your brain and cluttering your mind, leading to a lack of focus and memory problems. Tackle the messiness head-on by sorting through your possessions and donating or selling those items you no longer need. Then, commit to keeping all your rooms clean, tidy, and organized going forward.


Add Some Color to Your Walls

Obviously, the appearance of your home can have a big impact on how you feel being there – but for some, the prospect of painting (and repainting) walls is a little daunting. Luckily, there are other options. Assuming you aren’t renting (or your landlord doesn’t mind), wallpaper is an easy alternative. You can even choose a wallpaper design from an artist across the globe. You’ll be amazed at the difference it makes!


Reduce Indoor Air Pollution

You may be causing pollution in your home without even realizing it. The American Lung Association reports many household products and cleaning supplies contain volatile organic compounds that release into the air and cause allergies, headaches, and respiratory problems. These harmful products include air fresheners, liquid dish detergent, rug cleaners, furniture polish, glass cleaner, and any aerosol spray product.

The ALA recommends using warm water and non-VOC soap for general cleaning and baking soda on any surface you need to scrub. Clean your glass with a simple mix of water and vinegar in equal proportions.  Replace your air fresheners with an essential oil diffuser.


Buy a Water Filter

Filtered water is safer for you to drink as the impurities harmful to your health are removed. Filtering pitchers are inexpensive to buy and use and are an easy way to get clean drinking water. If your budget allows, have a home water filtration system installed by a plumber to give you cleaner water out of every faucet and tap. These are especially helpful in hard water areas as they help protect your appliances from excessive mineral deposits.


Create an Outdoor Oasis

Relaxing outside in a natural setting allows your mind to unwind and your lungs to breathe in the fresh air. No matter the size of your yard, patio, or balcony, you can create an outdoor oasis to chill out in after your hours spent indoors. For starters, purchase a couple of comfortable lounging chairs and a table. Next, toss in some throw pillows and a couple of ottomans so you can prop your feet up.


Plant an Organic Garden

Organic fruits and vegetables aren't treated with chemical pesticides and generally have a higher nutritional value. Most people agree they taste better, too. Now is a great time to plant an organic garden in your backyard so you can skip the higher prices at the supermarket.

For the best results, hire a freelance landscape architect to ensure your garden is beautiful and functional and a place you will love to work in. A professional can determine the optimal place for the garden so it gets enough sun and has the best soil and room enough to grow. The architect can show you a 3D picture of the proposed garden so you know in advance exactly how beautiful the finished plot will look.

Adopting any of these ideas helps to refresh your home into a healthier space to live in during this pandemic. More than that, they can turn your house into a wellness haven where you will love to hang out.

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Blog By: Marcus Lansky

Image via Pexels