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When It Comes to Selling, Curb Appeal Should Be a Priority

The interior of your home can be stunning, but if the exterior isn’t impressive, you will shut down buyers before they even enter the house. Curb appeal—the attractiveness of your home when viewed from the curb—makes a significant difference to homebuyers. Here are four reasons why it’s so important:

Online Presentation
In today’s real estate landscape, potential homebuyers get their first impression of a home from... Read More
Three Reasons Experts Are Optimistic About the 2024 Housing Market

Despite the challenges faced in 2023, experts are optimistic that the 2024 housing market is poised for a comeback. Here are the three most compelling reasons this could be a promising year for the real estate market:

1. Anticipated Inventory Surge
Experts are optimistic due to the anticipated rise in housing inventory. The challenges of... Read More
Six Strategies to Stay Motivated During Spring Cleaning

Spring cleaning is a tradition for most people, but it can quickly become overwhelming. Here are six tips from the experts that make it more manageable:

Start with a Main Checklist: Before diving into cleaning, create a checklist to keep track of tasks and ensure nothing gets missed. Break down tasks into manageable chunks to make them less overwhelming... Read More
National Home Sales Fall as Prices Continue to Rise

Existing-home sales dropped in December 2023, according to the National Association of Realtors (NAR). However, the decline wasn’t consistent across the country, with sales down in the Midwest and South, up in the West, and unchanged from the month before in the Northeast. Every sales region recorded year-over-year sales decreases, with nationwide sales of 4.09 million units reaching the lowest level recorded since 1995. Yet despite the drop in sales, median prices increased.

Expert Insights into the Market
Experts predict that the sales declines in 2023 will represent the bottom of the market, with higher sales anticipated in the coming months... Read More
Top Trends in Bathroom Renovations for 2024

Bathroom renovations are increasingly important for homeowners looking to improve their living spaces. A recent Houzz survey with 1,921 U.S. homeowners offers insights into evolving trends, outlining key findings shaping current bathroom renovation preferences.

The Rise of Spacious Bathrooms
One of the standout trends is the increasing size of primary bathrooms. Approximately 22% of homeowners choose to expand their primary bathroom footprint during renovations. The most common areas tapped for additional square footage include... Read More


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