Home Office vs. Traditional Office

Our “new normal" in the working life for many of us (thanks to COVID) has been more and more home offices, working from home, while teaching our children at home and doing household chores.  Although this can seem fun for a while, there are also many downsides and possible future harm.  Let’s dwell deeper..

While this might have been a pleasant year of working from home without the stress of daily traffic to and from your place of work, there are other issues with a strict work from home routine.  First, many home workers are seeing less exercise and therefore weight gain as they sit in front of their computers for hours.  Second, the psychological effects of non-interaction with fellow workers.  And some are realizing how difficult it is to work from home with children or spouses around, and still some cannot find that quiet space for themselves to be most productive.  Only time will tell how this "new normal" will pan on society.  If you are looking to be most productive at home, revisit my blog How to set up a home office. To find out more about pros and cons of working from home, check out this article "Working from Home vs. Office"

As we are starting to migrate back to the workplace or some sort of hybrid of that, you may see a huge impact on your finances as well.  John Egan has written an article for Bankrate entitled "How returning to the office can impact your finances".  John gives great tips and savings recommendations.  I would recommend reading and seek additional advice for your particular situation and finances.

If you prefer the working from home format, you might find that you need to expand your living space to make some more private spaces to separate work life from family life.  If that is the case, we have your remedy!  Start your search for a new home on line.  If you also have a house to sell, reach out to us so we can guide and advise you the best way to buy and sell with the least amount of stress and disruption to your life.


We will all make it through these crazy times, but know we are here to help and advise anyway possible.